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The Mullet returns to duty. Another day, another haul.

Today the Mullet was given a most excellent contract. 72 Beryllium for 4,000,000. Loading up with scrap so that no cargo space sat idle he ventured forth.

The Mullet first went out to some station he could not recall(Dubbed Burr station). You see They did not have a landing pad large enough for the mighty Mulletship IV. After this defeat by physics the Mullet rerouted to the Chimba System where he was guaranteed a landing pad large enough for the Mulletship IV's mighty size.

On the uneventful journey the Mullet was informed that there were ships after him and he could earn a lovely bonus for each shot down. Bugger that. The Mulletship IV is a hauler. A brick shaped target so large they could hit it from the other side of the sun with dumb-fire missiles. Thankfully the trip to Chimba went uninterrupted. The Mullet had spotted degraded emissions  on the way and went to investigate. He received a firmware update and some material but no souls to save. The Mullet went on.

At Nikolayev Hub the Mullet sold the scrap for a lovely 131,970 profit and loaded up on Beryllium, managing to secure 249 units of the rather expensive metal (A full 1,830,150 Credits worth). A good haul contract or no. 

So thankful was the Mullet for his safe passage that he donated 50,000 to the Independents of Chimba as well as a further 450,000 to the Chimba public industries. It is good to make friends. you never know when you may need them.

The trip back was fraught with danger, twice the Mullet was interdicted as he approached the station and overshot it in avoiding the second one. Indeed a very exiting moment...

On return the Mullet first delivered the 72 units of Beryllium for the contract and secured his 4,039,293 credits then went on to sell the rest for 1,687,164 credits (386,214 profit)

A good haul leaving the Mullet on a positive balance of 8,998,811 Credits.

Please tune in next time for the Eravate haul and triple in system trips. The Off to Market expedition.

Mulletman signing off.

TheMightyMulletMan Jan 22 · Rate: 5 · Tags: hauling, mulletman, trade
Dear readers.

Today is a momentous day in a hauler's life. The day his new vessel takes on it's first cruise through the stars.

The Mulletship IV was a thing of beauty. A class 7 hauler with A grade core internal systems and a cargo hold with plenty of space. All bought and paid for by core mining within the Sun Takush system.*

The Mulletship IV was filled to the brim with food cartridges. There was a great damand for these in the LHS-3564 system and the Mcnair Gateway station had plenty to spare. What they did not have however is Copper, Berylium, and Tantalum and these they contracted the Mighty Mulletman to source and return. Thankfully the LHS-3564 system had an overabundance of Copper so it was to be the first stop on this journey

At 12:30 on the 20th of Jan 3305 the Mulletship IV launched and left McNair Gateway for the unknown depths of space. 

A few light seconds away from Froude Enteprise station the Mullet stumbled upon a distress call. As there was no threat the Mullet generously and courageously decided to stop by to see if he could be of assistance. Previously the Mullet had had to abandon someone in need as he did not have the equipment to assist them. For this reason the Mullet had selflessly equipped the Mulletship IV with repair and fuel transfer limpet controls and kept a few on limpets in his hold for such an emergency. 

It came in handy as the pilot Pieter Van Heiningen had miscalculated his jump and had run out of fuel. The Mullet sent off a fuel transfer limpet to the marooned vessel and so grateful was Pieter for the Mullet's assistance that he swore to write a song about the Mullet at the next station. Flushing at the compliment and good deed done for the day the Mullet continued on his way to Froude Enteprise.  

Once docked he sold the food cartridges for a profit of 100,251 Credits and bought 100 units of synthetic meat, 50 of None-Lethal Weapons and 25 units of reactive armour as well as the Copper that was the original objective.

After refueling the Mullet took off and routed a course to the Tiannodaabe system, Carter Hanger station. The trip was uneventful and the Mullet is writing this as he cruises towards the station. Here he hopes to purchase Tantalum and Beryllium for the Mcnair contract. Once this is done he may return to McNair and become a richer man.

Success! At Carter Hanger the Synthetic meat was sold for a profit of 48,300 Credits. It's not much but an ocean is made of many drops of water. It all adds up. The Mullet purchased Tantalum and Beryllium as planned and once refueled he set off once more for McNair Gateway in the Sun Takush system. This was one of the Mullet's longest journeys yet as most of his previous hauling contracts was  only a jump or two away from their target destinations. This time it was a full 5 jumps to return to McNair.

The trip was uneventful, several jumps and a quick cruise later the Mullet arrived back at Mcnair Gateway. As he reached the entrance to the station disaster struck. Warning sirens blared, The Mullet was trespassing, The mightly forgetful Mullet had failed to request docking permission before approaching! Sweat beading on his brow he backed out of the entrance slot. How thoughtless of the Mullet! Nearly he was shot out of existence for not following protocol.

Thankfully the McNair station did not fire and instead fined him a measly 400 credits for the transgression. Once the fuss died down the Mullet once more requested permission to land. This granted, the Mullet landed and sheepishly paid the fine to a stern faced Lon Hardy who was his local contact with the authorities. The Mullet was sure Lon Hardly would be gossiping about this to all his friends. The tale of the forgetful pilot who nearly died.

This done the Mullet proceeded to deliver the requested Copper, Tantalum and Beryllium and collect his pay. 

The Mullet disembarked, the day's work done. It was a profitable first journey for the mighty Mulletship IV with over 2,000,000 credits earned. The Mullet looked forward to future journeys and wondered if he should head on over to Empire controlled space. It is tempting. He had spent his entire career in Federal controlled space, seeing only empty or independent systems for variety. Perhaps someday his contracts will take him out that way. He could only hope.

Mulletman, signing off.

*This moment in the Mighty Mulletman's career was considered to exiting to add in any detail to this story. 

Good day readers.

Welcome to a rather mundane account of a freighter pilot making a living in the great depths of space in the mighty Mulletship IV*

Here is the true tale of space adventure. No exploration of unknown stars, no thrilling bounty hunts through multiple systems. No daring escapes from bloodthirsty pirates or victories over overwhelming odds. 

No, The Mighty Mullet will tell you tales like that of the great food cartridge haul of the 16th Jan where the Mullet made a 300% profit on the route to Sun Takush.  He will tell you the rather boring account of how he avoided an interdiction on the way to Haxel Port which caused him to overshoot the target and how he had to turn around to get back to the station. Indeed what stories you will hear here. You would never want to repeat them.

The Mighty MulletMan is a hero of the space lanes. A carrier of cargoes, a connoisseur amongst couriers. Here is the guy known throughout the Federation as "Wasa-name, That guy who did a delivery for us once" You may not know him or ever meet him but know that for the right price he would deliver your cargo to mildly dangerous systems.

Happy flights to you all and please don't shoot at the Mullet.

*A Type 7 hauler with all the trimmings, Bought and paid for by the Mullet Core Mining Enterprise.