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Innuendo Feb 20
Hi Every one.

We need testers for our new Modpack: LOOM Colonies.

If you are interested in helping/testing please download the Pack. 
The pack is made in MultiMC for convenience.

MultiMC+Modpack Self extracting Install:
Click here

If you already have MultiMC you can add this Pack by adding the link below under "add instance" and "Import from zip"
Just add the link in the text box and Click OK. MultiMC will download and install the Pack automatically.

The Link:


I recommend 4096MB of RAM
There will be a forum under support for reporting any bugs and issues.

You can find the Wiki for Mine C


PS.. Always keep in mind this is a Alpha build.. Weekly update will be made until we get it 100% stable. So please tell us of any bugs/suggestions/issues.

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Stillie Feb 21
I will download it tonight. I wont have internet at home for a bit but i can try playing it offline

JovieOG Feb 21
See what I can do today as well